How to Make Chèvre

Ricotta con valeriana su piatto bianco



1 gallon goat milk
1 DVI chèvre culture
Cheesecloth or butter muslin


Bring the milk up to 86°F and add direct set culture, stir well and set aside for 18-24 hours, keeping the temperature between 70-80°.

After this period, the curds should be separated from the whey into one large mass in the middle. Gently ladle the curd into cheesecloth-lined colander and let sit for one hour to drain off initial moisture.

After one hour, take the corners of your cheesecloth and hang the curd for 4-8 hours to drain (the longer the draining time, the drier/more crumbly the chevre. When you’ve achieved the consistency you like, remove from cheesecloth and mix in any additions you’d like (salt, herbs, dried fruit, etc.).

SOURCE: Recipe courtesy of Mountain Feed and Farm Supply. Cheese making supplies are avilable from Mountain Feed and Farm Supply.

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