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The origin of the word “nutrition” comes from the Latin word nutrive meaning ‘feed or nourish.’ Healthy nourishment is tantamount for sustaining good health. It all starts with what you eat. 

In this section, you’ll find intriguing health news, recent studies and informative nutrition articles to help you manage a healthier lifestyle for yourself or your family.

The 8 Best Foods for Your Gut

By Leah Zerbe  |  Rodale Your immune system will sing when you work these digestive wonder foods onto the menu. Your gut is like a forest, full of diverse life that—if kept in check—helps your whole natural system flourish. The problem is, food isn’t as simple as it used to be, and mo
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Your Gut Can Make You Slim

By Aviva Patz | | October 2014 Looking to dump some extra pounds? Here’s a hint: Work those good bacteria. Consider this: Right now, as you’re sitting there, there’s a battle raging in your belly. Some 1,000 species of bacteria are duking it out, trying to
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Microgreens Pack a Big Nutritional Punch, Say Researchers

By Vicky Boyd | The Packer | January 23, 2014 Microgreens—plants with only two true leaves—pack a nutritional punch, according to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture study. Agricultural Research Service scientists analyzed key nutrients in 25 different varieties of microgreens, ac
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Avocado Study Finds Improved Cholesterol Ratios

By Mike Hornick | The Packer | January 08, 2015 | A moderate-fat diet with one fresh avocado daily showed more improvement in some blood lipid markers than a similar or low-fat diet without avocado, a Pennsylvania State University study finds. Funded by the Hass Avocado Board, the res
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The Flat Belly Food You Don’t Know About: Kefir

By Leslie Goldman | The Huffington Post | 11-17-11 Men’s Health Editor in Chief David Zincenko recently touted a product called kefir as one of summer’s six essential flat belly foods. But unless you hail from Russia or really pay attention when perusing the yogurt aisle a
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The U.S. Government is Poised to Withdraw Long Standing Warnings About Cholesterol

By Peter Whoriskey | The Washington Post | February 10, 2015 The nation’s top nutrition advisory panel has decided to drop its caution about eating cholesterol-laden food, a move that could undo almost 40 years of government warnings about its consumption. The group’s finding that cho
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The Surprising Link Between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

By Carolyn Gregoire  |  The Huffington Post  |  Updated: 01/05/2015 In recent years, neuroscientists have become increasingly interested in the idea that there may be a powerful link between the human brain and gut bacteria. And while a growing body of research has provided evidence o
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Petal Power

By Maria Grusauskas | Good Times Weekly | June 4, 2014 What can dandelions do for our bodies? In the upper right abdomen, taking up most of the space under the ribs, resides a massive, three-pound organ: the liver. Among its many life-critical tasks, it processes virtually everything
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7 Nutty Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nuts!

By Kristin Kirkpatrick, M.S., R.D., L.D.  | Published by Huffington Post, 05/07/2014 Nuts are one of the most amazing foods on the planet. They are loaded with fiber, nutrients and heart healthy fats. They’re void of sugar and contain minimal carbohydrates, and best of all, they
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