How to Roast Peppers


What you will need:

Peppers (however many you are roasting)
Some olive or grapeseed oil
A heat source such as a grill, broiler, open burner, or propane torch
A large heat resistant bowl (one large enough to contain your peppers), or a sturdy paper sack
A lid for the above bowl or plastic wrap to cover

  • Rub peppers with a little oil — use just enough to give them a sheen. This helps with even blistering of the skin.
  • Subject the peppers to your heat source. You can just throw them on the grill, or use a long fork to hold them over a burner. I use long tongs for this, or when I use my propane torch on them. Put them under the broiler in a walled non-reactive metal pan.
  • The peppers will begin to blacken and blister, and even make popping noises. These sounds are normal, don’t fret. As the peppers blister and color be sure to turn them to prevent burning.
  • Turn them until they are cooked and blistered all over, and place in a bowl and cover them. If you are using a paper sack, check it periodically for wet spots and leaks, especially if doing a large volume. Covering the peppers after searing them allows them to steam. This loosens the skins making them easier to peel.
  • When they are cool enough to handle, pull a pepper from the bowl and peel. If spicy, you might want to use gloves. Use your fingers and a sharp paring knife. Pull away what you can with fingers and then use the knife tip to flick or cut away the rest. If needed, just pare away skin with the edge of the blade.
  • Sometimes the skin is resistant to easy peeling. In this case, cut around the stem and slit down the side of the pepper. Save the juices. Open up the pepper; use the knife to scrape out the seeds and the ribs. Flip the pepper and then use the knife to scrape away the remaining skin.

At this point, the peppers are ready to use. Stored in a plastic tub in the refrigerator they should keep well for 4 days or so.

A light blistering will leave the flesh of the pepper more solid, longer roasting will cook them. How long to cook the peppers will depend on how you plan to use the peppers.

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