Why An All “Superfoods” Diet Is A Mistake

By Katherine Hobson, US News and World Report, 2/23/10

We’ve all seen those lists of “superfoods” — certain fruits, nuts, and other foods that, advocates say, have health-boosting effects. But some people take those lists so seriously that they limit their food choices to what’s on them. “They’ll say, ‘Every day I have Kashi with blueberries and almonds for breakfast, salmon on leafy greens with broccoli for lunch, and grilled chicken with sweet potato for dinner,'” says Mary Beth Augustine, a registered dietitian and senior integrative nutritionist for Beth Israel Continuum Center for Health and Healing in New York. The more educated they are and the more reading about health they’ve done, the more likely they are to strictly adhere to what they think is a perfect lineup of foods, she says.

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