Nettle Tea


Nettle tea is an old fashioned, natural spring tonic that has been used for centuries for its health benefits. Often some of the first plants to appear in spring, nettle leaves can be infused into a tea which purportedly has healthful, restorative benefits which boost the immune system and awakens the body to spring. Note: If you are taking any prescription drugs, first consult your doctor before drinking nettle tea, as it can interfere with some medications. Here’s how to brew nettle tea —


2 cups fresh drinking water
1 cup nettle leaves, washed


In a sauce pan, cover the nettle leaves with water and heat until water comes to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer for a couple of minutes. You can make the tea stronger by steeping longer, or weaker by adding more water.

Pour liquid through a small, fine mesh strainer into a cup. Add a small amount of honey, agave or sweetener of your choice, if desired.

You can also save the leaves and eat them later with a little butter, salt and pepper.

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