Market Squid

Market-Squid-1Did you know that ‘calamari’ is Italian for “squid”? Those Italians figured out they could sell a lot more of their catch if it had a sexier name, so there you have it.

Market squid, as it’s known here in the Monterey Bay, is smaller than Humboldt Squid, found in coastal waters further north, and is caught in Central California between April and November. Not only are they popular for appetizers and salads, but fishermen also use them as bait.

The squid population is very robust, doubling their biomass every year, so they can withstand a fair amount of fishing pressure. Much of the catch in our area is sold to China, but the annual catch is regulated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Fishermen focus their efforts on spawning grounds since squid die soon after spawning.

Squid is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 supplements derived from squid liver oil are considered by some to be a superior choice due to the sustainability of squid caught in American and European waters.

Squid is very economical and delicious fried and served with cocktail sauce or garlic aioli, stuffed and braised, or lightly sautéed or steamed and added to salads. Three ounces of steamed or boiled squid is approximately 89 calories; breaded and fried squid is about 166 calories.

H&H Fresh Fish Company deals directly with the fisherman bringing in fresh catches of squid, and they in turn bring it to the Aptos and Monterey markets — that’s about as fresh as you can get!

RECIPES: Fisherman’s Calamari Linguini, Fresh Calamari Salad, Crispy Fried Calamari with Garlic Aioli

Here’s a video to show you how to cook squid:

How to Cook Squid

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