Summer Fishing Season Begins!

Hans_-Ling-Cod-1We may not have had much of a winter, but the summer fishing season is beginning, and that’s good news for Central Coast shoppers who have been waiting for the summer fish to arrive.

Heidi Rhodes of H&H Fresh Fish is looking forward to the summer season. “Finally! It feels like it’s been a long winter. I am so excited for the summer fish to finally show up. We’re looking forward to seeing halibut, sea bass and black cod, plus the season just opened up for rock fish, ling cod, and everyone’s favorite, Chinook salmon.”

The California Fish and Game Commission are forecasting a good salmon season, too, with 1.5 million Chinook salmon passing through the area this summer. The strength of the run is encouraging, especially when the drought and the challenges low river levels present for the salmon are taken into consideration.

Shoppers at the farmers markets can expect to see a greater variety of freshly caught fish during the summer season, many of which are well suited for grilling.

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