Summertime … and the Fishing is Easy

Hans-King-Salmon-1Hans Haveman, well-known fishmonger and boss man at H & H Fish Company in Santa Cruz, took time from his fish operation at the Santa Cruz Harbor to describe what the commercial fishermen are delivering, and what to expect for the rest of the summer.

“The white sea bass are hitting hot and heavy right now” said Hans. “This is really the peak of the season and they’re super fresh at the farmers markets.”

A boat with a nice catch of king salmon arrived at that point. “King salmon have been harder to catch this year due to the warmer than normal water temperatures in the Bay,” said Hans as he held up a hefty salmon for inspection. “They’re really nice right now.”

For fish lovers who enjoy grilling, the halibut are also coming in. Big steaks are available as well as smaller cuts too.

“Local squid are also available, and they’re delicious. I enjoy giving them a quick sauté in lemon juice and olive oil, just long enough to get them hot. Then I serve them with roasted veggies. It’s a really nice dinner that’s quick and easy to make. All of our people at the farmers markets can answer questions about our fish and the best way to prepare them.”