Where Are All the Fish This Summer?

The report from our man at the docks, Hans Haverman, features continued odd fish behavior due to warmer than usual water temperatures.

“The Bay is filled with mackerel,” explained Hans. “It’s not a good fish for eating, but it is an excellent fish for using as bait.  The salmon, sea bass and halibut are all hitting the mackerel pretty hard and are now well fed — so that makes it a little tougher to get he fish to take the mackerel bait that’s attached to your fishing pole. The fish are out there, they’re just tougher to catch than usual.”

As the only official authorized buyer of commercial fish at the yacht harbor, H&H still gets the best and freshest fish available. Supply and demand being what they are, the lower catches mean higher prices. Haverman isn’t too concerned.

“These things happen all the time,” he said. It’ll straighten itself out soon. Remember last summer? It was anchovies.”

Hans and his fellow mongers can recommend the best fish for grilling for the Independence Day weekend, as well as provide tips for how best to cook it, grill it and serve it.

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