Asparagus Wrapped in Crisp Prosciutto

Grilled prosciutto wrapped asparagusThis recipe uses only three ingredients that are transformed into a “wow factor” appetizer in less than 10 minutes. Cynthia Jordan, a regular shopper at the farmers market, shared her recipe for this simple (yet divine!) recipe. She served the asparagus as a first course for a Tuscan themed Sunday dinner.


1 tablespoon avocado oil and more, as needed (do not use olive oil — it will smoke)
16 spears fresh asparagus, washed, dried, and trimmed
16 slices prosciutto*


Preheat the broiler to high. Adjust racks in oven to be 8-10 inches from broiler element. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, and film lightly and evenly with avocado oil.

Take a piece of prosciutto, fold in half the long way. Hold one end of it against the spear just below the blossom end of the asparagus. Turn the spear and let the prosciutto encircle it, overlapping as you wrap. Place the wrapped spears on the prepared baking sheet. (This step can be done ahead of time. Wrap tray and refrigerate until ready to bake.)

Drizzle liberally with avocado oil. Place in oven under broiler for 3 minutes. Remove and shake the pan back and forth to roll the spears over and place back under broiler. Cook another 3 minutes. Check the oven often. When you see the edges of the prosciutto beginning to get brown and crispy they are done. Serve immediately.

YIELD: Serves 4

*Cynthia’s tip: “Have the prosciutto sliced for you – do not get the thinnest cut – it will break apart and you can’t wrap the asparagus.  Go for a thickness that will stay together when you pick it up.  The butcher can cut a few samples to get the right thickness. I bought the prosciutto at Shopper’s Corner, and they sliced it just right for the dish.”

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